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City Cleanz is one of the top pressure washing companies in our Kingwood of Kingwood. Customer care and quality work are the foundations of our business. Our mission is to offer a safe, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable pressure washing alternative to the good people of Kingwood. We offer a full line of pressure and soft washing services for cleaning and maintaining their homes safely and affordably.

City Cleanz House Washing Services

If you're selling your home, it must be not only immaculate on the inside but on the outside as well. An immaculately cleaned and maintained home is what gives it the curb appeal you want for fetching the highest selling price possible. Perhaps your home is looking a little older than it is. City Cleanz's pressure washing service can help you to restore a newer and more inviting appearance to your home. Pressure washing is the best value for restoring and maintaining the appearance of your home. It has the added benefit of protecting and preserving it.

When the exterior of your Kingwood home becomes discolored, that is an indicator that not only is algae, mildew, fungus growth visible on the surface, it is causing serious damage below the surface. These destructive organisms are penetrating the material your siding or trim is made of. Also, deposits of dirt and grime from the air penetrate as well, causing decay and breakdown of the material. If you're selling, call us before you sell your home. If you're staying, then call us for maintaining and protecting your home for you. Give us a call, and in almost no time, your home will look its best and ready to impress potential buyers.

Quality Gutter Cleaning Work in Kingwood

The primary purposes of gutters are:

  • to keep water from dripping on the ground and concrete surfaces during rainstorms
  • to protect the roof, foundation, and siding of your home.

Overflowing gutters do more than drench you and form trenches in your yard after heavy rain. When the gutters of your home are clogged, they cannot protect the roof, foundation, and siding because they can no longer safely direct water away from your home. Clogged gutters allow water to back up over the edge of the roof, causing the growth of organisms and breakdown and decay of the shingles.

When clogs keep the water from moving away from your house, it seeps down into the ground, goes beneath the foundation, and causes cracks it by softening the earth beneath, stressing the concrete. Also, water splashes up on siding and trim promoting and accelerating more algae, mildew, and fungal growth. The only way your gutters can do their essential job of protecting your home is for them to be regularly cleaned.

Keep your house safe and attractive by keeping your gutters clean. Don't take a chance. When you have us clean your gutters, why don't you ask us to help you with your roof cleaning, too? They go hand in hand.

We can affordably keep your Kingwood home well-preserved, protected, and looking its best. Call today to schedule your estimate! You'll be glad you did.

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