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Our past customers can tell you how much we care about the quality of our work. We're pressure washing leaders in the Humble area because of the way we treat our customers and because we are a one-stop-shop for all your pressure washing needs.

Soft Washing in Humble, VA

Some companies use the same harsh power washing method for all exterior surfaces risking damage, repair, and replacement. City Cleanz offers a soft washing method that is easier on the surface being cleaned. Soft washing uses a softer spray, detergents and rinses, algae, and mildew growth inhibitors that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to people, pets, or plants. We now know the value of using appropriate methods for the right type of materials to clean without causing damage.

The Humble City Cleanz professionals know how to safely treat each type of surface. Why risk damaging your home by doing it yourself or using a contractor that doesn't offer soft washing? Let City Cleanz clean your home and rest assured it will be thoroughly cleaned without damaging the outside in the process. Don't take chances with your home, or yourself - pressure washing can be dangerous, and it's hard work!

Safe & Efficient Roof Cleaning

There's probably no other form of maintenance that's as important to your home as roof cleaning and gutter cleaning. You need to have it done regularly and properly, whether you notice visible dirt or not. Much that might be happening with your roof that you may not see, invisibly, and actively damaging and discoloring it. Professional cleaning is the best way to maintain your roof and keep its appearance new clean.

Just as important as it is to clean your roof regularly, it is equally important to clean it properly. Unless you are a professional, this is more complicated and dangerous than you might think. We don't recommend high-pressure washing. Typical high-pressure washing can damage and dislodge the shingles because the pressure of the water is too high. We use soft washing soft because it's:

  • Safer
  • More Effective
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions to clean rather than high pressure
  • Kills off Algae, Mildew, Fungus, & Bacteria
  • Prevents Immediate Return of Contaminants

The roof is thoroughly cleaned without the risk of moisture intrusion under shingles or shingle damage. Our soft wash method doesn't just eradicate existing algae and other problems; it sanitizes, so their future growth is delayed and considerably slowed. Give us a call, and we can get started on making your Humble home looking with pressure washing!

With City Cleanz, you have a one-stop-shop - we can handle all your pressure washing needs:

  • House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Commercial Building Washing
  • Soft Washing Siding

We use the proper cleaning method for a specific job. Trust us for taking good care of your home and treating it with the care we would our own.

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