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Awning Cleaning in The Woodlands

Awning cleaning

Regular awning cleaning in The Woodlands is a must. The heat, humidity, and significant rainfall of The Woodlands climate provides the perfect environment for the following biological contaminants to stain, damage, and grow on your awning:

  • Algae
  • Molds
  • Mildew
  • Fungus

If that's not enough, there is the dust, dirt, pollen, rust, and the airborne pollutants that settle on and eventually discolor and fade the awning. And, oh yes, the ever-present bird and squirrel droppings. Quite a gallery of guilty contributors to the staining and discoloration of your awning, is it not? But, it's not only that these problems make your awning unsightly; they can create deterioration and decay, significantly shortening the life of your awning. Part of our complete set of top-rated exterior cleaning services, such as vinyl siding, roof, and brick & concrete cleaning, is our awning cleaning service to our friends in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

It takes more than a simple rinse of the hose or a hard rain to remove the dirt, dust, pollen, algae, mold, and mildew that continuously builds up on your awning. Most of these deposits can be of an acidic nature that degrades and eats away at the fabric of your awning. The acids attack the individual threads and weaken them. The sunshine and moisture amplify this effect. Without regular cleaning, your awning can basically disintegrate over time. Eventually, the awning will have to be replaced much sooner than its expected lifetime.

With regular awning cleaning, the awning will not only last longer, but much more of its original color can be preserved. Most stains can be removed, resulting in your awning looking much newer for much longer!

Awning cleaning is great for all the fabrics and materials commonly used to make them such as:

  • Woven acrylics
  • Polyester, or cotton woven canvas,
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl

Every type of awning material requires very specific methods of cleaning using biodegradable and environmentally cleaning agents unique to each type of material. We only clean awnings with soft washing techniques using lower pressures that won't damage or stretch the awning. Our qualified and experienced professionals know exactly how to safely and effectively clean your unique awning.

If your awning is beginning to look a little worn, or if you want to prevent it from looking that way in the future, preserve and protect it by calling City Cleanz in The Woodlands today!

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