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About City Cleanz - Your Trusted Professional Exterior Cleaning Contractor in The Woodlands


City Cleanz is the premier exterior cleaning contractor in the Woodlands area. We are your solution for cleaning and sanitizing almost any exterior surface of your house or commercial building. We clean:

  • Wood and vinyl siding
  • Roofs
  • And even solar panels!

One of our most requested services is "soft washing." So soft washing uses biodegradable detergents, sanitizers, and rinses to do the cleaning. With soft washing, the risk of damage from high-pressure methods is eliminated. The agents used in soft washing are environmentally friendly and harmless to people, plants, and animals. Soft washing requires a very highly trained professional to confidently know what agents are compatible with one another and with the surface being cleaned.

Here are some of the ways our cleaning system technologies are more environmentally friendly than the other methods:

  • Water Conservation - roughly 1/3 of the amount used for pressure washing
  • Water-based, Biodegradable Products
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds - airborne irritants)
  • Longer Lasting Results = Less Consumed and Less Wasted

Our trained, fully insured, professional specialists always arrive on time in our branded, company trucks with the right tools to restore your home back to its original beauty. They will also sanitize exterior surfaces as required to remove and slow down future growth of biological contaminants and health hazards such as:

  • Mildew
  • Fungus
  • Algae
  • Lichen
  • Bacteria

Our external cleaning pros are polite, dependable, reliable, and prompt. As professional exterior cleaning contractors, external cleaning is our specialty and is what we do exclusively! Don't trust your property to a company that doesn't focus its entire business on external cleaning. You need an expert to know every aspect of the profession. You can trust City Cleanz exterior cleaning contractors with not only the appearance of your home or commercial building, but also its protection and preservation from damage.

At City Cleanz, we don't just hire anybody. Our external cleaning pros are trained, licensed, and vetted. The safety and security of your family and your property is crucial to City Cleanz. That's why we utilize "Ask the Seal" as an easy way to show our customers that we verify their licensing and insurance and that we perform criminal background checks on every employee we dispatch to your house or business.

Don't waste time on a "jack of all trades" service. For expert outdoor cleaning services, you can trust and depend on City Cleanz to affordably get the job done, done right, and done on time. Give us a call today to affordably bring your home or commercial building in The Woodlands area back to life!

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